Dermatological Skin Resurfacing

pHformula, 30 years of scientific and medical research. A Pharma-Cosmeceutical line which is an alliance between cosmetic and medical grade skin treatment.

pHFormula offers controlled resurfacing that triggers cell regeneration in all layers of the skin, without the associated redness or downtime often experienced with conventional “peel” treatments. Works outside in and inside out - A unique delivery system that provides skin with the correct AHA/BHA acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals selected to meet your skins requirements.




This treatment offers a range of benefits that include:

  • Calms inflammatory responses.
  • Reduces sensitivity, chronic redness, breakouts and Acne.
  • Strengthens skins barrier function.
  • Treats all signs of ageing, including pigmentation, lines, wrinkles and will tighten skin.
  • Suitable for all skins.
  • An outstanding improvement will be seen on skins that suffer from Rosacea, Teenage, Adult and Hormonal Acne.
  • You will leave with a fresh and bright, firmer, younger looking skin.

Can be combined with MicroCurrent, LED Photo-Rejuvenation or Radio Frequency skin tightening and Proton Pen

A sensitivity test will be carried out before each treatment.

This is a treatment that needs to be experienced to fully understand the healing and regenerating power of pHformula.

Book my "Welcome To pHformula Resurfacing Treatment” to begin your journey.

Prices starting at £50 please see my price list for individual pricing.


pHformula TCA Touch MD Line

A revolutionary concept in advanced skin resurfacing with the ability to control product penetration.

Unique and non aggressive, stimulates intense cell regeneration, has excellent skin tolerance ability, with no superficial trauma.

Delivers outstanding results with no down-time.

Price £160-190


To discuss or book a pHformula Facial Treatment in Caterham, Surrey, please contact me at FACE By Jackie Berry on 07835 338731.


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It is highly recommended that a pHformula skincare routine is followed to acclimatise skin and maximise your treatment results.

Products and starter kits are prescribed my myself and are not available on the high street or online.

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